For Honor to receive 60 FPS and graphics improvements on next-gen consoles

Ubisoft has confirmed in a “Warrior’s Den” livestream that For Honor, Ubisoft’s unique melee third-person fighting game where knights, vikings, and samurai face off, will be fully playable on next-gen consoles such as the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. In-game progress for levels, gear, and cosmetics will be transferred over to the new consoles for free as well (provided you stick with the same console brand).

In addition, Ubisoft also announced that For Honor is getting some enhancements for next-gen players. Water reflections, distant detail, shadow resolution, and texture filtering are all getting improved, and players on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will be able to play the game in 4K. Folks who play on the Xbox Series S will be limited to 1080p, however. Also (and perhaps most importantly), For Honor will get an update at a later unknown date that brings the game up to 60 FPS on next-gen consoles — something PC players have enjoyed since the game’s 2017 launch. Since For Honor is all about reading and reacting to quick strikes by opponents, this framerate boost will no doubt make the game feel better to play for everyone.

Overall, I think it’s great to see For Honor get some love, and hopefully the game will look and play better than ever before on next-gen hardware. You can get the game now for $30 on Xbox and PC.

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