Daily Deal: 33% off the August Smart Lock

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Our locks have been almost the same for decades. You get a set of cylinders and keys and you always need to bring keys if you want to enter your house. With IoT (Internet of Things) products emerging, it was a matter of time before entering your house no longer required a key. August did just that. It’s an extension to your existing lock and is placed over it. When you get close to it with your phone, it will automatically unlock so there’s no need to get those keys out of your pocket. With the app, you can also give anyone access, even for a limited time or on set time slots which can come in handy if you have a cleaner that needs to come in just once a week, for example. At 33% off, this is the perfect time to upgrade your home! Just be sure that your lock works with a Deadbolt as it’s currently just compatible with those.Get it now using the Buy Now button below before the price goes up again.

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