Premium PCs will continue to be in demand due to pandemic, says AMD

People stuck at home during the pandemic are likely to turn to the best gaming laptops for recreation, streaming, and activities that involve social interaction, according to AMD. Vinay Sinha, managing director, sales, AMD India, recently discussed how people are continuing to adapt to remote work and learning as the pandemic persists.

A report by the Financial Express highlighted that the PC market in India shifted from a “one PC per home” to “one PC per person” in 2021. PC users then started looking for more premium devices. Sinha expects that trend to continue.

“Buyers are also becoming more discerning as they seek premium designs in different form factors for work, learning and gaming,” said Sinha.

Specifically, he foresees growth in popularity for PCs capable of producing and consuming content. “We expect to see the trend growing as we go forward, as content creation and streaming are one of the ways gamers can have human interaction while being at home,” he explained.

Esports and the continuing growth of gaming were also cited as contributing factors to the gaming laptop scene’s boom.

AMD saw significant growth in gaming hardware last year. The company’s computing and graphics segment grew 32% year-over-year in 2021. That growth was driven in large part by AMD’s new Ryzen CPUs and Radeon GPUs.

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