Customize Samsung’s S Pen gestures using Tasker

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There is no denying S Pen is one of the most exciting tools that turns many takers in favor of Samsung. This is mainly because of the limitless possibilities it offers while notetaking, video editing and even using it as a remote for controlling cameras and media using gestures. Now with Tasker, S Pen users can customize what the gestures do on a device you are using. These gestures can be easily identified and implemented.

Tasker developer Joao Dias was able to intercept S Pen gestures and do a lot more than the pre-included options. Dias believes the gestures can be intercepted to “do whatever you want with them.” According to a report on XDA Developers, users can customize the S Pen experience by using the app to choose from over 350 possible actions.

Dias posted a video demonstrating a few possibilities and has urged other developers to find more options the S Pen gestures can be used for on a Samsung device. The clip reveals that Tasker can intercept S Pen events when it’s permitted to read Android’s system logs to do things like turning off smart lights, switching Do Not Disturb mode on and off, placing the smartphone on sleep, and doing a lot more.

Here is how you can grant Tasker permission to read system logs on your device and enter the world of endless possibilities. Reportedly, the gesture support works only with devices running stock firmware and have Bluetooth enabled S Pen.

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