Beat Saber and Pistol Whip are integrating your Oculus friends list

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Virtual reality gaming isn’t as life-changing as everyone thought it would be, but it’s still a very exciting area of gaming for a lot of people. VR by nature, however, is solitary, as you isolate yourself to enter a new reality. Games like the super popular Beat Saber are trying to combat this by integrating more social features directly into the game. What does this mean? It means Beat Saber will be able to integrate your Oculus friends list and show you when your friends are online, what level they’re playing, and even let you jump straight into the same level.

This is pretty exciting, and makes it even easier to challenge your friends and try to beat their high score. Although, to be honest, I probably won’t be beating any high scores myself. However, it seems Beat Saber isn’t alone. Pistol Whip, another very intense and competitive game, is also planning on doing the same, if this very descriptive and not-vague-at-all tweet is anything to go by.

Here’s hoping that even more games join in the fun and integrate these kind of social features. This is the norm for console and PC gaming already, so it really shouldn’t be any different in VR, right?

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