Android Messages for web now lets you make Duo video calls

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While Duo for web has been around for a few months now, the ability to make video calls from the Messages for web app still wasn’t available. But users are stating to see a notification when they open the web app that “Video calling is now available” and it is the Duo app that will start the call for you. The Messages app on Android actually has had this functionality for almost two years now but at least you can now make the call from your desktop if you want to.

When you log in to your Messages for web client, you’ll see a pop-up message on the upper left corner. When you click on the “Learn More” button, you’ll be led to the official support page if you need a little more help in understanding how the video calls will work. Otherwise you can just tap on the “Got it” button and go on with your life or try out the video calling from the web client just to make sure that it is actually working.

The support page says that Google will check which of your contacts are available for video calling “but your contacts’ data won’t be saved”. You’ll see the Duo icon next to the names of the contacts that you will be able to call through the Duo video call. When you select a conversation or click on the Start Chat button, you’ll see the “Video call” option and you can go ahead and make that call. After the conversation, just tap on the “End call” button.

If you make the call from your computer, it won’t use up your phone’s mobile data plan since you’re making the call over WiFi of course. If you make the call from or from, you don’t need to have Duo installed on your device, unlike if you’re making the call from Duo on your Chromebook. Making it available on the web client makes it easier and simpler.

If you’re not seeing it yet on your Messages for web, it will probably soon show up so don’t worry. If the video call icon is not showing up in your conversations, then that means it’s not available for that particular contact.

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