Android 10 launcher port will work on Android 9 phones

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Android Q has turned out to be Android 10. No more using of references like ‘getting a taste’ of the next Android dessert because Google settled to just use a number. It’s actually easier and more universal. Not many people know what desserts are being served because they may not be familiar with them where they live. In the next few months, we can expect OEMs will announce when their devices will be updated to Android 10. A few have already shared their timelines like Nokia and the Pixel group.

One of the biggest improvements in Android 10 is gesture navigation. There are several changes you may notice. Some are helpful while others are considered a regression like that new back gesture. The latter actually interferes the sidebars of most apps.

One notable improvement though has something to do with new transition animations to switch between apps or go home. They are more fluid now on Android 10 compared to on Android 9 Pie. If you can’t wait to try Android 10 but your device doesn’t have it yet, you can at least try a custom ROM that contains a modded Android 10 launcher.

The Android 10 launcher will simply provide a glimpse of Android 10. It won’t offer a complete experience but it’s good enough. If your phone is still on Android Pie and if it’s rooted with Magisk, you can try the modded Android 10 launcher prepared by paphonb, an XDA Senior Member.

The launch will bring a number of interesting improvements like recent apps switching transition animations and new swipe up to go home. Don’t expect the back swipe gesture or the new gesture bar though because they are coded into the SystemUI.

If you’re keen on using this mod, note that it will replace your default launcher. You may need to have root access as it would need the QuickSwitch Magisk Module.

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