Amazon brings Free tab to Fire TV customers

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While you’re probably fully committed to your streaming service (or services) of choice during this pandemic, there are times when you’re looking for free content. If you have an Amazon Fire TV device, that search will be made easier as they have now added a Free tab. This is where you can see all the movies, TV shows, and other content that you can access for free. It also includes the apps, including Amazon’s own, that are bringing you more than 20,000 free stuff to watch.

The Free tab that you can access on your Fire TV interface is a curated way to discover new content that you can consume, from TV shows, episodes, movies, news channels, documentaries, etc. When you enter the tab, what you will see first is the app row where you can see some of the apps that can give you free, ad-supported content. This includes Amazon’s own IMDb TV plus other third-party apps like Tubi, Pluto TV, The CW, Twitch, Red Bull, PBS, and PBS Kids.

You will then see the curated and thematic rows of content, from new, trending, popular, as well as different genres that you can explore. There is also a row dedicated to kid-friendly and family content from Prime Video that is currently free for all Amazon customers. For those who want more current events, there is a dedicated row of news content powered by the News app on Fire TV.

The tab also features other free content from other apps that can be found on Fire TV, including music apps, news apps, games, etc. All customers that are using Fire TV devices should be able to have access to more than 20,000 free movies and TV episodes, which should probably last you until you get tired of watching anything on your screen. Just a reminder of course that most of these content are ad-supported so don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself buying things and you have no idea why you bought them.

The Free tab on Fire TV will start rolling out to customers in the US starting today. No news if it will be rolling out to other countries, but given the fact that most of these services are for US only, this is highly unlikely.

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