ZTE shows off new under display camera,in-display 3D face scanner

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ZTE Under Display Camera

ZTE will always be known as the OEM brave enough to introduce the fist smartphone with an under display camera. The ZTE Axon 20 5G really is the first in the world. It’s not actually the best right now but it is paving the way for other similar devices. The phone’s under display camera reviews aren’t favorable but we believe ZTE can improve in many ways. Samsung is also working on an Under Panel Camera and we hope to see a new phone with this technology.

ZTE 2nd-Gen Under Display Camera

ZTE has started development and mass-production of the second-generation under-screen camera. At this week’s Mobile World Congress Shanghai, ZTE showed off the UDC with increased display pixels. It is now 400ppi pixel density from the previous 200ppi.

The Chinese OEM has increased the panel’s refresh rate to 120Hz from 90Hz. The new display is also said to be the first with 3D structured light technology. It can be used for future under-screen camera phones and can deliver better 3D face and body recognition.

ZTE 3D Structured Light Technology

Instead of just 2D solutions, it can read 3D. The technology can also be used for mobile payments, 3D modeling, augmented reality, security, and other apps. It’s a biometric security sensor that has been developed to be better than ordinary phone cameras.

The new under-screen camera will be used on a new ZTE phone. We’re assuming it will be another Axon series smartphone that may arrive with 5G connectivity just like the ZTE Axon 20 5G. It will probably be the ZTE 30 Pro which we’re actually expecting to debut at MWC with the second-generation under-display camera and a 200MP sensor.

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