Xiaomi Mi Charge Turbo brings 30W wireless charging tech

Xiaomi Wireless Charging Mi Charge Turbo

Expect Xiaomi to come up with more advanced versions of whatever product, solution or technology is out there. Phones are not just the Chinese OEM’s bread and butter. It may no longer be the No. 1 mobile brand in China but it has since grown into a popular lifestyle brand. The market always looks forward to what new tech Xiaomi will offer. Aside from the upcoming Mi Mix 4, here is a 30W wireless charging tech. It’s a first in the world to have that high capacity.

It’s just one of the four new solutions Xiaomi will be introducing to the wireless charging game. It includes reverse-charging and is actually the highest so far. The tech will be available in the next Mi 9 Pro 5G phone.

Xiaomi is also bringing a pair of new wireless charging accessories. It’s forming a wireless charging alliance to standardize things. Xiaomi will be working with a lot of brands and companies that take advantage of wireless charging.

After 30W wireless charging, we can expect 40W wireless charging technology. It’s also being tested so expect Xiaomi to help usher innovations in wireless charging. The other tech innovations that will be announced soon include 4:1 direct-charge architecture, more secure and stable dual-band transmission technology and high power wireless reverse-charging technology.

This 30W wireless charging is different from the previous version. This one reduces heat and improves efficiency during the process. It can charge a 4000mAh battery to half capacity within 25 minutes and 100% in an hour.

Other wireless charging innovations include high-power wireless reverse charging with 1:2 reverse charge pump and protection measurements. There is the new dual-band transmission technology that uses Bluetooth to transmit data. This way, wireless charging can be continuous. Xiaomi also has two new wireless charging accessories. There’s the 20W Smart Tracking Wireless Charging Pad and a 30W Fan-cooled Wireless Charging Stand.

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