Xbox’s Double Fine Productions Twitter deleted due to ‘backend mishap’

The holiday season has surfaced an unexpected hiccup for Double Fine Productions, with the mysterious disappearance of the brand Twitter account. The San Francisco-based developer joined Microsoft’s in-house Xbox Game Studios family in mid-2019, following titles including Psychonauts, Broken Age, and Brütal Legend. However, despite otherwise smooth operations, Double Fine has low one major pillar of its online presence as of publication.

The official Double Fine Twitter account, formerly located “@DoubleFine,” was seemingly initially removed on December 26, 2019. However, Twitter policy retains all user data for at least 30 days, leaving accounts in a “deactivated” state open for restoration. It allows any Twitter account to return during this grace period if deactivated in error.

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Double Fine senior communications manager, James Spafford, has since attributed the removal due to a “backend mishap,” assuring one fan the account will be “back up again soon.” It’s unclear how such an oversight occurs, although potentially alludes to the account being compromised, or pure user error. Windows Central has reached out to Microsoft on the matter, although it did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Double Fine has an eventful year ahead, with the upcoming release of Psychonauts 2 scheduled for 2020, while the studio also teases an unannounced project on the horizon. It also serves as its first full year under Redmond, as it plans to launch its next-generation efforts with Xbox Series X.

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