Weekly poll results: iPhone SE (2020) splits opinions

Last week we asked you if you’d buy the new iPhone SE (2020) and 46% of those who answered said they are interested.

Interestingly enough the small powerful aspect of the phone excited more people than the relatively low asking price.

Among those that find the iPhone SE (2020) not good enough far the 2014 bezels were far more of an issue than the solitary rear camera – by a nearly 3:1 margin.
Weekly poll results: iPhone SE (2020) has people split
Those people that would buy the iPhone SE (2020) would more often choose 128GB as their base storage with 64GB chosen as a second option. Not many people would go for a 256GB model, which pushes the price too high.
Weekly poll results: iPhone SE (2020) has people split
While on the topic, we’re getting close to publishing our full review of the iPhone SE (2020).

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