Watch four minutes of gameplay for the upcoming game, the Medium

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After the Medium revealed a brand-new trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase, the official Xbox YouTube channel released a four minute gamepolay video showcase the Medium in action, including the new Dual Reality feature that looks technically and visually very impressive.

The gameplay video shows how players can explore the real world and a hidden paranormal world at the same time, and use this mirrored reality to find hidden passages, solve puzzles, and traverse through a dark and terrifying world. Even the small snippet the video shows seems very impressive, and is only possible due to the power of the Xbox Series X, which combines powerful specs with a super fast SSD to render two beautiful environments simultaneously.

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The Medium doesn’t have a set release date yet, but it should debut on the Xbox Series X and Windows PC’s in the future, and will be on Xbox Game Pass day one. You can pre-order the game from the Microsoft Store if you want to ensure you’re first in line for this next-gen horror experience.

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