Google App will soon have Labs section for experimental apps

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When reading about all those experimental apps that Google Labs churns out, you probably wish there was an easier way to install them instead of trying to remember or clicking the link or going to the Google Play Store. Well, some users are getting that wish as some Google apps are seeing a new Labs section showcasing some of the experimental apps and features that are available to try out. This was first spotted early last year but now finally some users are seeing it out in the open.

According to Android Police, some strings of code were seen in the Google app back in February 2019, hinting that Labs would be made available through the app. Then just this December, they received tips that Google would actually be going public with this and it looks like a month later that has come true. Some users are now seeing a Labs section when you tap on the More tab.

When you see the Labs tab and you go there, you’ll see a list of the available experimental features that you can try out but with the understanding that it’s still in the testing phase of course. You’ll see a list of the available features and a short description as to what it’s all about and what it can do. And if you want to try one or all of them, you can just toggle them on. If you want to learn more about it first, then you tap the Learn More tab.

For now, there are two available in that list. One is a pinch to zoom when viewing search results for both text and images on the Google app. The other one is enhanced actions for screenshots which include editing, sharing, and other actions. There is of course a Send Feedback section as one of the main purposes of having experimental apps is to get feedback from actual users.

There are a lot of other apps and features that are probably currently brewing in Labs so hopefully we’ll see them populate that section. The appearance of the Labs section seems to be a server side update so if you don’t see it yet there, just be patient.

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