Verizon rolls out 5G uploads, virtual lab for app development

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5G is still in a very nascent stage, there are a handful of Android devices that tout 5G connectivity and Apple is yet to make an introduction. This doesn’t stop Verizon from driving the industry and creating more options for customers to leverage the power of 5G for work, entertainment, and gaming. Taking a significant leap forward in 5G innovation, Verizon has announced that it is creating virtual labs to enhance the pace of 5G application development (which has been curbed by COVID-19) and that it is rolling out 5G uploads in all 5G Ultra Wideband cities.

Verizon until now was routing uploads through 4G; using 5G Ultra Wideband it will be easier for customers to upload HD content on social networks, backup files on the cloud or play massive multiplayer games. Verizon believes customers will experience up to 30 percent faster speeds than 4G LTE. 34 cities in the States already have 5G and San Diego will be joining as the 35th city on May 28.

Verizon has also announced that it has created a virtual lab to continue working on 5G applications unhindered. Due to the prevailing pandemic, network provider’s existing 5G labs have struggled to perform to potential. The virtual lab environment would allow virtual conferences, brainstorming sessions, and demo sessions for new solutions.

Verizon is working with leading technology partners to enhance the 5G ecosystem across the US and provide customers with faster mobile data. Hopefully more network providers will follow suit and more smartphone companies will release new 5G devices to take advantage of the growing 5G coverage.

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