Twitter Now Lets You Pin and Swipe Between Up to Five Lists

Twitter today implemented a feature that’s designed to allow lists of Twitter users to be pinned to the Home screen and swiped between, allowing for easy access to multiple customizable timelines.

Twitter users are now able to add five lists to the Twitter app, swiping between them on the Home screen.

With this new feature, Twitter users can do things like group coworkers, friends, and family into different lists, and then with a swipe, view just tweets from each individual list.

Lists have long been used as alternative timelines by Twitter users, allowing people to follow accounts without having to add them to the main Twitter timeline, but the new feature makes it easier to do so.

As Engadget points out, this is a feature that Twitter has been testing since the summer and has finally rolled out to all users.

Twitter has also changed the design of list pages, introducing header images and making it easier to see list members and who is subscribed to a given list. Lists can still be private or public, and there’s still an option to follow public lists from other users.

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