Tweeten rolls out interactable notifications for Twitter

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Tweeten is one of the best Twitter clients as well as one of the best Windows apps overall. Now, the app supports interactable notifications that allow people to like tweets and perform other actions. The app’s notifications also support viewing quoted tweets, images, and GIFs. Tweeten announced the addition in a thread on Twitter.

The notifications for Tweeten are also customizable. People can choose between light, black, and dark themes, edit the position and size of notifications, and choose which monitor they want notifications to appear on. These options are in line with the rest of the app, which focuses heavily on customization.

Tweeten now also features a built-in mute feature for notifications.

By making notifications interactable, Tweeten reduces how often people have to jump in and out of the app. Tweeten is a Tweetdeck client, which can be overkill for normal tasks on Twitter. Interactable notifications allow the app to take care of some of the more basic actions people would perform quickly on their phone or in the Twitter app.

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