These 5 cheap external drives pair perfectly with Xbox One

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The Xbox One’s biggest titles continue to grow in size, making it easier than ever to fill your console’s internal storage. External hard drives are the way to go if you run into this issue, with USB 3.0 support opening the console to a vast assortment of third-party solutions. To help you expand that storage, we rounded up the best external hard drives for Xbox One that won’t break the bank.

Expand your storage

Pairing your Xbox One with an external hard drive increases the number of games you can install simultaneously. This ability is especially crucial when downloads are bigger than ever. And with several reliable yet affordable drives on the market, there’s no better time to upgrade.

The WD 1TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive drive sits among our top picks for buyers on a budget, securing a low price and great gaming results. The My Passport line can also bring additional color to your Xbox setup, with seven styles up for grabs.

However, don’t overlook the benefits of larger alternatives for Xbox One, with the WD 2TB Elements packing double the capacity for just a $10 premium.

If you want more information on how to search for and pick an external hard drive for your console, we’ve rounded up everything you’d need to know.

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