The Samsung Galaxy S20 has a unique Bluetooth feature

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The Galaxy S20 series boasts a variety of new features, as one would expect from a fresh flagship, and one of the more surprising additions is the new option to allow multiple Bluetooth connections at the same time.To be more precise, the Galaxy S20 can act as sort of a Bluetooth hub for other devices, meaning that whenever it’s connected to, say, a Bluetooth speaker, other smartphones can use the S20 as sort of a bridge and sync with the same Bluetooth device through Samsung’s flagship without having to disconnect it first.This new software feature should come in handy in numerous scenarios. It’s not only a neat party trick but a useful feature in various cases; for example, when you’re on a road trip with your friends or family and everyone wants to share their favorite tunes from their own phones while your phone is connected to the car stereo.It all sounds quite promising, but we haven’t used the feature ourselves yet so we don’t know exactly how, and how well, it works in practice. This is something that we’ll want to test for our upcoming Galaxy S20 review, so stay tuned for more details. Until we have them, you’re welcomed to share your thoughts on Galaxy S20’s extended Bluetooth connectivity feature in the comment section below.

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