The best cooling pads for your notebook

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Best Laptop Cooling Pads Windows Central 2019

Laptops usually come with ample cooling to keep everything running smoothly, but if you use it on your lap or play games on your portable PC, you may find the cooling solution struggle slightly. This is where a cooling pad comes into play, blowing air into the underbelly of your notebook and providing separation between your lap and the intake vents.

Keep it cool

You really can’t go wrong with a notebook cooling pad, no matter which one you choose. All our suggested picks here will help keep temperatures down on your laptop, allowing you to get more done in a quieter environment without any sluggish performance.

If we were to make a single choice, however, it would be the Cooler Master NotePal X3. This cooling pad has a huge 200mm fan for maximum performance, and there’s a handy dial on the chassis to control the fan speed. What makes this cooler rather impressive, in particular, is the height-adjustable stand that supports two different configurations.

If you’re on a tighter budget or don’t wish to spend much on a cooling pad, the TopMate C302 is an excellent option with two quiet fans, a portable, lightweight design, and a few handy features.

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