The best Antec PC cases for your new PC build

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Antec Dark CubeSource: Antec

Antec PC cases
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The best Antec PC case is the one you don’t think twice about. It’s the one you appreciate and admire, but never worry about its ability to house all your expensive components with care. Sometimes that’s a powerful case like the Antec P101 Silent, and other times it’s like the affordable, but strong case like the Antec DF600 Flux. These are the Antec cases that won’t let you down.

Best overall: Antec P101 Silent

Antec P101 Silent

Source: Antec

The Antec P101 Silent is one of the best Antec PC cases simply because it meets every basic need you’d have when compiling a build. Namely, it’s got good thermals, good looks, quiet performance, and it comes at a fairly competitive price. It’s the case you get if you don’t have any real limitations or necessities.

Though it lacks USB-C ports, it makes up for it by including a set of USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, as well as some air filters to keep the case as dust free as possible. On top of that, the case’s support for four 140mm fans should be able to keep latest hardware at solid temperatures under load.

The Antec P101 Silent isn’t the fanciest-looking case out there. You can’t see your RGB-filled components through a transparent panel or anything, but it looks nondescript and competent in its own right. If you want something to house a powerful build that won’t make you think about it ever again, the Antec P101 is the case to get.


  • Good thermals
  • Slick look
  • Affordable
  • Dust filters


  • Lacks USB-C ports
  • Comes only in black

Best overall

Antec P101 Silient Reco

Antec P101 Silent

Affordable and solidly built

The Antec P101 Silent has good thermals and quiet performance. This is the case to get if you don’t need bells and whistles.

Best value: Antec DF600 Flux

Antec Df600 Flux

Source: Antec

If you’re on a budget, one of the best Antec PC cases to get is the Antec DF600. It’s a powerhouse of a case for the price. Not only does it look pretty good, but it also comes with a load of fans to save you even more money if your money’s tight. The Antec DF600 is the case that you’ll save cash on and not have any regrets.

The Antec DF600 is a mid-tower ATX case that throws in five total 120mm ARGB fans. All of these come with a fan controller so you can sync up the colors to make use of the case’s tempered glass side panel. Overall this case is killer for the price, and excellent if you want to invest more into evocative components versus an evocative case. Let the hardware speak for itself!

Unfortunately, the price does impact some things. The Antec DF600 lacks USB-C ports and leaves a little bit to be desired when it comes to cable management. It can be tough to harness loads of cables beneath the motherboard tray. And lastly, the front panel is plastic, which is a bummer, especially with the much prettier glass next to it.


  • Tempered glass side panel
  • Great price
  • 5 included fans


  • Plastic front panel
  • Cable management can be tricky
  • No USB-C ports

Best value

Antec Df600 Flux Reco

Antec F600 Flux

Great price, great look

The Antec DF600 has a solid look for a solid price. It has tons of room for radiators or its five included fans, and a glass panel to see all of it.

Best silent case: Antec P82 Silent

Antec P82 Silent

Source: Antec

Antec’s P82 Silent case is surprisingly good. It may not look like much, but that’s the point: it’s a case made to be invisible in all respects. If you want a case that doesn’t bother you, that keeps your PC cooled and out of mind, then this is the case to get.

It starts with its three included 120mm, 1000 RPM fans and their controller. This, including the foam on the side panels, cuts out most of the noise from the case, making it a serious contender against some of the best PC cases. On top of that, the temperatures inside the case at max load aren’t bad either.

You’d expect the Antec P82 Silent case to have major drawbacks for the price and the focus on silence like other cases do, but in reality it’s more than competent. The only thing it lacks is a top radiator mount and a plastic front panel prone to scratches, and cable routing can be tight.


  • Extreme silent performance
  • 3 included fans
  • Good thermals
  • Cheap price


  • No top radiator mount
  • Simple look
  • Tight cable management

Best silent case

Antec P82 Silent Reco

Antec P82 Silent

An extremely silent case

The Antec P82 is surprisingly silent, cool, and comes with included fans. For its price, it’s a fantastic case to build in.

Best Micro-ATX: Antec DP301M

Antec Dp301m

Source: Antec

Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX builders looking for a case should look to the Antec DP301M. It is simply an altered version of Antec’s other popular PC cases with a redesigned look. It offers a lot of the same features but has a form that better fits those with this specific need in their PC case.

The Antec DP301M comes with two fans, one 140mm and the other 120mm. These can be connected to a fan controller to take advantage of their RGB, but keep in mind they can’t be synced to the motherboard. It also has room for a 120mm radiator if you’re into liquid cooling.

Aside from that, it’s a pretty standard, affordable case. The tinted glass side panel can be a bit too dark if you don’t have an exceptionally loud set of components, but it looks nice if you don’t mind it. Like many of Antec’s case offerings, it lacks USB-C ports and has room for only two hard drives. Otherwise, it’s a solid case for anyone trying to put together something simple and small.


  • Great price
  • 2 included fans
  • Sleek look


  • No USB C ports
  • Squeezed cable management

Best Micro-ATX

Antec Dp301m Reco

Antec DP301M

Affordable Micro-ATX case

The Antec DP301M is a solid Micro-ATX case that won’t break the bank. It comes with a few fans and has a nice look to boot.

Best premium: Antec P120 Crystal

P120 Crystal Antec

Source: Antec

The Antec P120 Crystal is a clear contender for the Lian-Li Dynamic 011’s grip on the PC building market. It’s a sturdy case that offers window panels throughout. It’s the case you spend a bit extra on to show off your build and to see that quality represented in its performance.

The P120 has huge pluses, like its removable dust filters, vertical GPU option, Velcro strips for cable management, top radiator mount, and great low-noise output. On the flip side of things, it doesn’t have USB-C ports and doesn’t come with any fans. But if you can reconcile with some of these drawbacks, the case is superb for the price.

The P120 not only is surprisingly silent, it also does pretty well thermal-wise for a mid-tower case. Some of this is helped by having a top-mounted PSU and a good amount of room for cable management. It makes a lot of room for your hottest components like the GPU to breathe.


  • Tempered glass panels
  • Velcro cable management ties
  • Surprisingly silent


  • No included fans
  • No USB-C ports
  • Pricey for some

Best premium

Antec P120 Crystal Reco

Antec P120 Crystal

A beautiful case with good performance

The Antec P120 Crystal both looks fantastic and does everything you need your PC case to do at a competitive price.

Bottom line

The best Antec PC case is simply the Antec P101. As a complete package, it offers everything you’d ever need from a PC case and a little more for a fantastic price. Dust filters, good thermals, low-noise, and space for liquid cooling are the kind of things you usually have to pay extra for. Here, that’s included on top of a handful of fans to start.

The Antec P101 is the no fuss case that will keep you happy until you need a major upgrade, especially if you’re basing your PC on the latest components. For most people who don’t plan on tinkering with their PC, this is the easiest case to recommend. The Antec P101 is the case that delivers.

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