Telegram update brings chat folders, archived chats, channel stats

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We’re seeing a boom in messaging apps now because of quarantine and shelter-in-place programs to fight the spread of COVID-19. Telegram is becoming one of the more popular apps because of its group and channel features that can be used for both work and personal reasons. The latest update to the app will bring you tools to help manage your growing number of chats and channels as you will now get chat folders, archived chats, and even stats for your channel.

If you have too many chats now on Telegram, you will be able to organize them into folders. This way, you can separate work from personal and other folders you may want to create. You will be able to swipe easily from one folder to another. You can also include or exclude Channels or Unread chats or just manage them per chat. It will start to become available in your interface when you have a long chat list but you can also go to settings to manually enable Chat Folders. You can have as many pinned chats as you want in your various folders.

If you need to hide some of your chats, you can archive them by swiping left and tapping on the archive icon. But when that chat receives a notification, it will go back to your main folder. But if you mute a chat, it will be in the archives folder for good. You can have the archive folder by swiping left and then drag the screen down if you want to see it again. But if you already have folders enabled, you’ll have to long press on a chat and open the bulk actions menu.

The Channel feature is another popular thing on Telegram and now if your channel has more than 1000 subscribers, you will be able to see the detailed statistics on its growth and performance. You will be able to see which of your posts are working so you can adjust the kind of things that you share on the channel. Everything on Telegram except Secret Chats will sync with your Desktop app and so they have also added a folder sidebar so you can see all your various organized chats.

The update also adds some animated emojis that are COVID-19 themed. There are emojis to encourage people to be brave, to wash their hands and to stay safe. Update your Telegram app to the latest version to enjoy all these features.

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