Surprise: Note 20+ will have LTE-only variant as well, at least in Europe

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In case you were wondering whether Samsung will abandon 4G with its upcoming top-tier flagship phone, i.e., the so-called Galaxy Note 20+, the answer is no. Our colleagues at Galaxy Club were able to confirm Samsung is currently developing a Galaxy Note 20+ LTE along with the 5G variant. The former carries model number SM-N985F.As usual, the Galaxy Note 20/+ LTE should have a lower priceAlthough 5G continues to expand and become available to more consumers around the world, the rate of adoption differs from one market to another. The need for LTE phones still exists, and besides, the Galaxy Note 20+ LTE will have a lower price compared to the 5G variant – something that at least some prospective buyers will be looking at if Samsung is going to push the price bar as high as it did with the Galaxy S20 series and the S20 Ultra in particular. Either way, the Galaxy Note 20+ 5G is known by model number SM-N986B.Meanwhile, the SM-N985F model number indicates Samsung is now developing the Galaxy Note 20+ LTE for the European market at the very least. But even across Europe, availability for the Galaxy S20 LTE and 5G models differs from one country to another. Therefore, it’s too early to predict exactly which European markets will be getting the Galaxy Note 20+ 5G and/or the LTE variants.

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