Surface Pro X devices on Insider rings have a new firmware update

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Surface Pro X owners can snag a firmware update for their 2-in-1 device if it’s on an Insider build of Windows 10. We saw the update on a device in the Beta ring, but there’s a chance that the update is avaialble on other Insider rings as well.

We can confirm that the update, dated July 24th, updates the UEFI from 3.510.140.0 to the newer 3.517.140.0.

The firmware update doesn’t have a changelog at this point, but that’s normal for firmware updates for devices on Insider builds. A full changelog should become available once the firmware update becomes generally avaialble. While not set in stone, updates like this generally roll out a few weeks after they hit the Beta Insider ring.

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Firmware updates don’t usually include new features, so it’s likely just a stability and performance update, though there’s a chance that it’s related to the new AI feature for eye contact during video calls.

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