Surface Duo bumpers appear at Best Buy in rainbow of colors

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If you snatched up a Surface Duo, it looks like you’ll soon be able to kit it out in some new accent colors. While the Surface Duo comes with a “Glacier” bumper in the box to protect its edges, we’ve seen other bumper colors pop up in Microsoft’s promotional material for the device. Now, listings for those additional bumpers have appeared at Best Buy, confirming you’ll soon be able to snag one for yourself.

Initially spotted by Reddit user azn2coo, the new bumpers come in Ember, Ice Blue, and Graphite colors. The Ember and Ice Blue colors are hot red and pale blue hues, respectively. The Graphite color, meanwhile, is much more understated, approaching black.

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The additional bumper cases will cost $40 each. Currently, there’s no release date available, but we’ve heard Microsoft may be aiming to launch the additional bumpers in late September. Their appearance in listings at Best Buy appears to lend additional credence to that timing.

In the meantime, Surface Duo is available to purchase now at Microsoft, AT&T, and Best Buy starting at $1,400. Once the new colors launch, they’ll make the bumper one of the best Surface Duo cases you can get your hands on if you want a pop of additional color.

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