SM-F415 manual shows it’s not a camera-centric phone, just a Galaxy M31

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You may have seen reports yesterday about Samsung launching a new ‘camera-centric’ Galaxy F smartphone before the end of this month. There has been a fair bit of speculation about this new device, model number SM-F415, that Samsung is working on.

It was initially believed to be the affordable Galaxy Z Fold Lite but there was little to support that theory. This conclusion was reached simply because Samsung uses the letter F for its foldable phones. We later reported that the SM-F415 isn’t a foldable phone, in fact, it isn’t really a “new” device to begin with.

SM-F415 is just a rebadged Galaxy M31

Our sources had revealed to us that the SM-F415 is just the Galaxy M31. We dug up more information on the device and found out that both the Galaxy M31 and this unreleased device have exactly the same specs. Even firmware development has started over at Samsung India for the M31 with SM-F415F as the model number instead of SM-M315F. It’s just confusing and there’s no good explanation why Samsung is doing this.

We have also obtained the user manual for the SM-F415 and that leaves no doubt that whatever this device ends up being launched as it’s going to be nothing more than a rebadged Galaxy M31.

The only plausible explanation for this could be that the SM-F415 is another variant of the Galaxy M31 destined for a specific Asian market. As to why Samsung is doing this, developing a run-of-the-mill basic smartphone under nomenclature usually reserved for its foldables, is anybody’s guess right now.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on this and let you know when more information is available. For now, though, you can forget about a new ‘camera-centric’ mid-range phone. If you really want one, maybe you should check out the Galaxy A51.

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