Samsung TV Plus adds CBSN to its growing 70+ TV channel portfolio

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The Samsung TV Plus service seems to be constantly expanding, which was bound to happen given how the platform is available on virtually any Samsung smart TV released since 2016. That’s not to say that the company isn’t actively trying to improve the service as more people gain access to it. On the contrary. Samsung has just announced that CBSN is joining the existing portfolio of 70+ TV channels currently available on the platform.CBSN is a free 24/7 live streaming news channel launched by CBS News and CBS Interactive in 2014. ‘As viewership trends continue to shift, we feel it is important to offer consumers a live and linear TV experience that is completely free […]’ said Selek Brodsky, VP of Strategic Partnerships for Samsung Electronics.CBSN launches on Samsung TV PlusSamsung revealed at SDC 2019 that the linear and non-linear TV models have become nearly equally popular. But regardless of which method of content distribution we’re looking at, the general trend seems to be that people are abandoning traditional cable subscriptions in favor of Internet-based services such as Samsung TV Plus.According to a paper by the Convergence Research Group, 34% of households in the United States are expected to abandon traditional cable subscriptions by the end of 2019. These households will transition entirely to Internet-based services for their entertainment.Every Samsung smart TV that was released since 2016 comes with Samsung TV Plus pre-loaded. The free service offers consumers access to both linear and non-linear entertainment without the need for additional downloads or a credit card. It sounds like a great fit for the free 24/7 news streaming service provided by CBSN. Samsung TV Plus already offers instant access to a variety of channels ranging from news to sports and gaming.

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