Samsung tapping Taiwan’s growing 5G services market

Samsung has launched multiple 5G smartphones, including the Galaxy S10 5G, Galaxy Fold 5G, and the Galaxy S20 series, and the company has plans to launch more 5G phones this year. Now, it is being reported that the South Korean electronics giant is tapping the Taiwanese market as 5G services in the country continue to grow.The company is planning to promote its 5G-based B2B and service application solutions in the country. Demand from online service solutions such as food ordering systems and local restaurants has been increasing rapidly, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Randy Lee, Deputy General Manager of Samsung Taiwan’s enterprise and commercial solution business, online food orders have reportedly risen by over 30 percent recently.Samsung joined forces with the local government in Taiwan in an effort to control the virus by incorporating thermometers into its Galaxy-branded tablets. These devices enable companies to not only check the temperatures of their employees but also assess their temperature. The company will soon offer 5G-based AR/VR, cloud-based game streaming, and video conferencing solutions in the country.The South Korean firm has improved the performance of its online store so that people can order devices from their homes due to lockdowns. Samsung Pay has now been included in Taipei’s EasyCard mobile payment system and the company is working with Canadian firm Mobeewave to make mobile PoS (point of sale) systems.

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