Samsung outs Galaxy Note 10 review series feat. your favorite YouTubers

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Samsung has launched a handful of videos to promote the Galaxy Note 10 series through the voices of other product reviewers. Right now, the company’s “Reviews” video series for the Galaxy Note 10 consists of five clips, all of which are under a minute in length. The videos include audio snippets and short clips of popular YouTube reviewers expressing their opinions on various Galaxy Note 10 features, including the S Pen, display, cameras, battery, and the flagship’s design.Everyone agrees the Galaxy Note 10 is exceptionalAlthough Samsung generally launches its own video previews for brand new mobile products including the Note 10, there’s no better way to promote your device other than having other independent reviewers talking positive things about it. The video features YouTubers like MrMobile, Unbox Therapy, Marques Brownlee and others highlighting some of the best attributes of the new flagship.And just as we’ve determined in our Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ review a few weeks ago, there are plenty of great things about the new flagship series and we’re certain Samsung didn’t have to dig deep to find all of these positive reactions for its Reviews compilation series.The Galaxy Note 10 lineup brings a lot of new things to the table, from a redesigned S Pen to a new, beautiful display, a powerful camera setup, and good battery life with wireless charging and Wireless PowerShare capabilities. All of this is wrapped in a stunning glass body with very thin bezels and a colorful back panel (on the Aura Glow flavor). Check out the videos below, join us in the comment section, and feel free to share your thoughts on your favorite Galaxy Note 10 feature.

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