Samsung Music app updated with Android 10, Android Auto support

Samsung’s official music app for Galaxy devices has been updated today with support for the latest version of Android and Android Auto. It’s unclear why Samsung mentions Android 10 support, as Samsung Music worked on Android 10 before today’s update. It didn’t, however, work with Android Auto, but that will no longer be a concern.Once you fire up Android Auto on your phone, you can tap the music icon at the bottom right edge of the screen and select Samsung Music to get a driving-friendly interface for controlling your music. You will see options for play/pause, switch to previous or next track, shuffle, and repeat, along with the ability to see a list of all stored songs. Naturally, all the advanced functions, like Spotify recommendations, get stripped in Android Auto mode, leaving only the bare essentials so you can focus on the road.The latest version of Samsung Music is and you can download it from the Galaxy Store or Google Play. We also have the APK file for the app in our APK section that you can use to sideload the app on your device if the update is not available for you on either of the app stores.

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