Samsung Issues Software Patch to Fix Screen Protector Flaw in Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Sensor

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Samsung has issued a software patch for its Galaxy S10 smartphone to fix a flaw in the under-screen fingerprint sensor that allowed anyone to unlock the device with the help of a cheap screen protector (via Reuters).

The problem was brought to light last week, when a British user who applied a gel screen protector to her Galaxy S10 subsequently discovered that unregistered fingerprints could be used to unlock the device.

Samsung later admitted the issue can happen when patterns appearing on certain protectors that come with silicon cases are recognized along with fingerprints.

On Wednesday, Samsung issued an apology via its customer support app Samsung Members and told Galaxy phone owners to update their biometric authentication to the latest software version.

“Samsung Electronics takes the security of products very seriously and will make sure to strengthen security through continuing improvement and updates to enhance biometric authentication functions,” the company said via the support app.

The Galaxy S10 is the latest in Samsung’s flagship S series, which is updated each year and regarded as the iPhone’s main rival.

Samsung aimed to bring an under-display fingerprint sensor to its smartphone line-up in 2018, but canceled the feature at the last minute due to technical issues surrounding the use of screen protectors.

In March, the Korean company launched the S10 to great fanfare and promoted its first under-screen fingerprint authentication solution as “revolutionary” at the time.

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