Samsung Internet update adds anti-tracking, web monetization

The Samsung Internet Browser may not be the most popular browser around but it does have a loyal following among certain Samsung users. Samsung recently released version 14 of the mobile browser and it comes with several new features including anti-tracking, Flex Mode for foldable devices, pairing websites using App Pair, and other minor tweaks. You also now get support for web monetization site Coil as it’s available as an add-on to the browser so you can support creators, developers, publishers, etc.

If you have a foldable device, one benefit is using two halves of the screen for different tasks. The Samsung Internet browser now has a video flex mode that lets you view the video content in the top half and the bottom half has the controls so you can have a more comfortable viewing experience. The browse also has improved privacy features for all devices as its “smart anti-tracking” automatically detects websites that are trying to monitor you and prevents them from doing so.

You can also now use App Pair to open several browsers at once so you can multitask while browsing, although this is exclusive to some Galaxy phones only. Another feature that is exclusive for phones with a stylus is the ability to handwrite a URL in the address bar and to write in any other text box and it will be converted to text. For now, only the Galaxy Tab S7 with One UI 3.1 has this ability. The browser also now lets you customize the font f the website that you’re viewing, but limited to devices that have Android M OS and above.

Meanwhile, the Coil platform is now supported by the Samsung Internet browser. Well, sort of. It’s not built into the browser itself but is available as a free add-on. Installing it will activate streaming micropyaments to web monetized creators, developers, publishers, and platforms. It will automatically detect these sites when you visit them and will anonymously stream micropayments in real-time. However, there’s just a $5 per month membership fee for this to happen.

Users can now update their Samsung Internet Browser on their mobile devices through the Google Play Store or the Galaxy Store. Coli meanwhile is available as an add-on app on the browser.

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