Samsung Home Up module lets you customize One UI Home

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The Good Lock module is probably one of the best first-party customization tools around and Samsung users with supported devices should probably be using it by now. There are a lot of modules that you can use to make your smartphone truly your own. One of the newest ones released is something called Home Up and it lets you modify a lot of aspects of your stock One UI launcher. If you’re not particularly happy with how your phone looks like now, then this is a module you can play around with.

The Home Up module can do a lot of customizations for your One UI launcher, says XDA Developerssays XDA Developers. For example, if you’re having trouble naming your folders, there is an auto-suggest feature here that uses machine learning to give you appropriate suggestions. It can also reshape the home screen folders through a pop-up style feature which shows font color options, background color, transparency and corners, etc.

In case you’re not happy with all the customizations you’re doing eventually, you can back up the custom layout so you can restore it later on. You can bring it back through the built-in wizard. The module actually only requires storage permission so this means the saved layouts are stored locally and not synced on the cloud to your Samsung account. There are a lot of other, smaller things that you can do with the module so feel free to explore.

In case the Good Lock module and consequently the Home Up module is not available or locked in your region, there are also some other third-party apps that you can try. An XDA Developer member developed NiceLock and they actually mirrored the APK of Home Up so if you know how to side load it, you can explore it for your home screen customization.

The initial version of Home Up is now available in the Samsung Galaxy Store. The Good Lock suite is a pretty clever way for Samsung to bring tools through modules since it’s an easy way to add support for new Android versions and also extend the scope of their existing modules.

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