Samsung Galaxy Z foldable pre-orders hit 800,000 in South Korea

Samsung Galaxy Z Series Foldable Phones Pre-orders

A while ago, we said Samsung Galaxy Z series pre-orders hit 2021 sales record. No numbers have been provided but now we are learning pre-orders for the new foldable phones from the South Korean tech giant have reached 800,000 units. The number is only for orders in South Korea. This could mean Samsung is successful in pushing the foldable phones to go mainstream in the mobile world. One major reason could be the more affordable prices compared to previous models.

The phones are still priced over a thousand dollars but may be “affordable” to many people. The 800,000 orders tell us an early success. Of course, people have yet to get their hands on the Galaxy Z series phone.

About 200,000 units of unlocked Galaxy Z phones were pre-ordered. Some 600,000 orders for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 were placed via carriers and networks. The pre-order period was only for one week.

The number is ten times than the orders for the Galaxy Z Fold2 last year. About 60 percent of the pre-orders were for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. This tells us more people want the clamshell foldable phone over the hybrid phone-tablet.

The foldable phone category may be more popular as more OEMs are also working on their own versions. We’re looking forward to the Honor Magic Fold, Pixel Fold foldable phone, Huawei Mate X2, and the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold.

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