Samsung Galaxy S20 receives new UI design and upgrades

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Update April 29 2020

Samsung still continues to work on software updates. It’s not just rolling Android 10 OS to older smartphones. It’s also been working on minor updates that will improve the user experience of mobile consumers. As the latest premium flagship from the South Korean tech giant, the Galaxy S20 series needs to be given careful attention. People are paying a premium for those Android phones so they deserve the best. In recent weeks, a camera update was released for the Galaxy S20 but unfortunately, it caused some green tint on some Galaxy S20 Ultra units.

A fix for the tint issue has been released but here’s another one that focuses on the UI. Samsung has plenty of features and a single update is not possible to deliver changes to everything. For this round, the company promises a more “satisfying sensory experience” with several changes.

The Galaxy S20’s 120Hz refresh rate can be further maximized. The animation is smoother while scrolling a website seems better. Flipping through apps or playing a game is much more polished.

The One UI 2 becomes more seamless and more intuitive. The Galaxy S20 UI works well with how the phone functions. Interaction is more dynamic and more natural especially on the Galaxy S10 even with the large display. Responses are faster, smoother, and more continuous. An icon expands when you launch an app and switches to a new page in a fluid motion.

The UI responds to touches and user control in real-time. When it comes to haptic feedback, you will notice a more satisfying sensation. It also responds to relevant actions and features.

Samsung also improved on the audio for a “satisfying auditory experience”. New sound themes have been added: Calm, Galaxy, Retro, and Fun. They can be applied to system sounds, notifications, and ringtones.

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