Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite sighted on Geekbench

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Reports of a Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite were first heard months before the Galaxy S10 series launched. In January, the phone was spotted on Geekbench with 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 855 chipset. It was thought to be the entry-level variant but as it turned out, the South Korean tech giant only launched the Galaxy S10e, regular S10, and the S10+. Fast forward to over half a year later, we’re hearing about the Galaxy S10 Lite again. It’s not even the Galaxy Note 10 Lite but as another S10 variant.

A mysterious device was sighted on Geekbench recently with model number SM-G770F. It’s the same as the mid-range Galaxy S phone. There’s also the Galaxy Note 10 Lite said to be in the works already.

The unannounced phone has reached Geekbench which could mean it just needs to pass some tests before the public announcement. It appears to be a mid-range device so don’t expect much on the specs and features. However, we still see a Snapdragon 855 and 8GB RAM on the specs list.

The SM-G770F runs on Android 10. At this point, it doesn’t matter if it’s the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite or the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. We just want another choice for a new phone.

We’re not expecting any new flagship from Samsung, just new mid-rangers that target the same audience, for the rest of the year. Once 2020 dawns, we know it will be all about the next-gen Samsung Galaxy S11 phones. After them, we’ll hear more about the Galaxy Note 11 and probably the second-gen Galaxy Fold foldable phone.

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