Samsung Galaxy Note20 teardown reveals densely packed body and hard to remove battery

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While the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is getting all the attention from reviewers, the vanilla Galaxy Note20 has left many disappointed. The main gripes are that it lacks a high refresh rate screen and also comes with a plastic back even though its price tag is far from budget. The latest video from teardown experts PBKreviews brings us a look into the insides of the cheaper new Note and shows how not so easy it is to repair.

After a quick heat and pry tool operation, the back cover quickly comes off. Given its plastic nature, it does wobble under pressure and also reveals one of the secondary microphones which sits next to the camera cutouts. We can then observe the 12MP wide and 64MP telephoto cameras which boast OIS while the 12MP ultrawide module clearly lacks the necessary hardware. Going deeper, we see the wireless charging pad, earpiece and the 4,300 mAh battery. The S Pen dock is tucked in right next to the battery.

Then come the bottom speaker and selfie cam and a duo of connection cables which free up the motherboard. Removing the battery is no easy feat due to the lack of pull tabs so your best bet is to heat up the adhesive from the side or use some rubbing alcohol.

Another interesting bit is the fingerprint reader which sits below the battery compartment though it’s not exactly user-replaceable since its part of the display. Once all the internals are removed, you should be able to pry the screen off with some heat.

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