Samsung Galaxy Note series will still be released next year

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Yesterday, we shared with you what Samsung has done over the year. 2020 has been challenging for most of us but the South Korean tech giant has worked on ensuring mobile experiences can be personalized. Some adjustments are still being made to services and products. More innovations will be introduced next year. For one, the foldable phone game will be strengthened. Samsung also said it will bring the Note experience to a beloved series. The Galaxy S21 will come with stylus support.

With the S Pen compatibility coming to the Galaxy S line, it’s possible the Galaxy Note series will be discontinued. It’s only a guess but we have been discussing the possibility. The company now has a say on the rumors.

Samsung has already denied the idea. The phablet series will still be part of the lineup next year. The Galaxy Z foldable line will not replace the Galaxy Note yet.

The South Korean tech giant will still release a Galaxy Note 21. It may have a similarity with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. An unnamed Samsung representative said, “We are preparing to release the Galaxy Note series next year.” The person added, “Roh’s message does not mean that the Galaxy Note series will be discontinued.”

So the Galaxy Note 21 may already be in the works. The company may also just be putting a tight lid on the details. Perhaps Samsung wants the consumers to focus their attention to the upcoming Galaxy S21 series which will be announced in January—a month earlier than usual.

The Galaxy Note series will live on. It was first announced in 2011. This means 2021 will be its 10th year. Now that’s a milestone that must be celebrated.

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