Samsung Galaxy Fold on Android 10 One UI 2.0 beta not happening

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is doing good–so far. We’re already referring to the relaunched version that came out after several months of redesign and testing. The second wave of production happened due to early reports of displays breaking. The South Korean tech giant has successfully launched the foldable phone for the second time because it is much better now. Samsung, Google, and developers are continuously working together to deliver an enjoyable foldable experience. Samsung also reminded us recently how to care for the phone. Hopefully, you’re following the tips.

The Galaxy Fold will have a follow-up next year. We’re looking at two versions–one more affordable in a clamshell design and a hideaway hinge and the other a premium model. But before new Galaxy Folds arrive, we want to know if the first-gen foldable smartphone will still be further improved with any software update.

Sad to say, the Fold will not have One UI 2.0, not even beta. This means it will not have the latest Android 10. This is contrary to the One UI 2 update schedule that included the Galaxy Fold and said an April release can be expected. Perhaps the decision was only very recently after much deliberation.

The Galaxy Fold may have been sold out in Korea and other markets but we can’t say numbers are significantly high. Maybe Samsung thought there is no point in working on a major update if there are only Galaxy Fold users. It can be disappointing but perhaps Samsung just wants to exert more effort and resources on the next-gen Galaxy Fold.

Android 10’s foldable features are important but a beta OS update may be pointless to some other users. We’re hoping Samsung rethinks of its decision and start really working on the said update.

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