Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 codenamed ‘Winner 2’ in the works

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Let’s make it clear: the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may not be the Galaxy Z Flip. That’s what we understand from a leak that tells us a new Galaxy Fold is coming. It’s not the Galaxy Z but a different one. The next-gen foldable phone from the South Korean tech giant is expected to be unveiled this February 11 at the Unpacked event with the Galaxy S20 series. If not, there is also the February 14 launch date as mentioned before.

Another Samsung Galaxy Fold will be unveiled later this 2020 and it could be the more premium foldable phone. A phone codenamed ‘Winner 2’ has been identified. It’s not the ‘Bloom’ which is the Galaxy Z. The two are different so there is no point in calling the flip phone the Galaxy Fold 2.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will come with a clamshell design while the Galaxy Fold 2 will follow last year’s book-type format but with a lot of improvements. The Winner 2 (Win2) is the real successor of the Galaxy Fold from 2019. This time, we’re hoping the first release will be successful compared to last year’s problematic launch, no thanks to the breaking display.

It’s not clear if the next-gen Galaxy Fold will come with an S Pen stylus. It is a possibility because the Fold’s screen is too large not to be used in other ways. The phone turns to a tablet and there is so much you can do with a bigger display.

The 5G connectivity can be expected but it’s not clear if a non-5G variant will also be available. We’ll have to wait for the clamshell Galaxy Z Flip smartphone first before we start discussing and anticipating the Galaxy Fold 2.

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