Rainbow Six Siege ‘Nighthaven R&D Collection’ adds 18 high-tech skins

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Ubisoft has unveiled the “Nighthaven R&D Collection,” its latest cosmetic skin set headed to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The 18-piece range takes inspiration from the game’s newly-featured Nighthaven private military organization, home to Operation Shifting Tides’ Kali and Wamai, with a new high-tech look for six existing Operators.

The Nighthaven R&D Collection bundles 18 headgears, uniforms, and weapons across various Operators, each with a futuristic theme aligning with the mysterious firm. Dedicated skins dress Alibi, Fuze, IQ, Jackal, Mute, and Rook in tactical attire, draped in tones of black, gray, and blue. A handful of Operator weapons also receive skins, following a similar theme. We’ve wrapped up the full list of Nighthaven R&D Collection items below, alongside their associated rarity tiers.

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  • Alibi Nighthaven Prototype Headgear (Epic)
  • Alibi Nighthaven Prototype Uniform (Rare)
  • Alibi Nighthaven MK0 for Mx4 Storm (Epic)
  • Fuze Nighthaven Prototype Headgear (Legendary)
  • Fuze Nighthaven Prototype Uniform (Rare)
  • Fuze Nighthaven MK0 for AK-12 (Epic)
  • IQ Nighthaven Prototype Headgear (Rare)
  • IQ Nighthaven Prototype Uniform (Rare)
  • IQ Nighthaven MK0 for AUG A2 (Epic)
  • Jackal Nighthaven Prototype Headgear (Epic)
  • Jackal Nighthaven Prototype Uniform (Rare)
  • Jackal Nighthaven MK0 for PDW9 (Epic)
  • Mute Nighthaven Prototype Headgear (Legendary)
  • Mute Nighthaven Prototype Uniform (Rare)
  • Mute Nighthaven MK0 for MP5K (Epic)
  • Rook Nighthaven Prototype Headgear (Rare)
  • Rook Nighthaven Prototype Uniform (Rare)
  • Rook Nighthaven MK0 for P90 (Epic)

The Nighthaven R&D Collection is now available in-game, concluding on January 6, 2020. The set is available exclusively via randomized loot boxes, at 300 R6 Credits per pack, or 12500 Renown. That follows a shifted stance from Ubisoft earlier this year, allowing players to unlock event items using the in-game currency. All Rainbow Six Siege players also receive one complimentary pack if logging in through the holiday period.

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