Qualcomm and Asus working on Snapdragon 875-powered gaming phones

Qualcomm is the king when we talk of smartphone processor chipsets and its latest and greatest SoCs are primarily dedicated to gaming performance. On the other hand, talk of gaming and you’ll instantly say “Asus ROG Phone 3.” Apparently the two tycoons in their own spheres are coming together to create a gaming phone(s) that’ll have a holistic approach, both for hardware and software integration. Now that does sound promising if you are a phone gaming fanatic.

According to a report by Taiwanese tech outlet Digitimes, the new line of phones could be launched by the end of this year. Asus will handle the design and development of the hardware components of the devices while Qualcomm will take care of the industrial design and the software integration of the in-house Snapdragon 875 platform. This promises a seamless UI experience which will give other gaming phone brands like Nubia, Black Shark, and IQOO a headache or two.

Going by past patterns, Qualcomm announces its latest flagship processor in December and the SoC is then seen on smartphones early next year in Q1. So, it would be safe to say that if the phones with Snapdragon 875 chipset are announced this year, you’ll get your hands on one in early 2021 only.

Digitimes cited, reliable industry sources have informed that Qualcomm and Asus will venture out on joint purchasing of components for the new partnership as well as the existing Asus ROG Phone line-up. These parts include cooling solutions, camera modules, memory chipsets, displays etc. The duo is expected to churn out a million devices each year with 500,000 units for the Qualcomm-branded phones and the rest for ROG phones. This by-the-way points towards a close DNA sharing between these new devices and the ROG phones.

The fact that the Qualcomm-based gaming phones will have a very deep level of hardware-software integration, one can expect sublime performance from the devices. If the design and software UI is good enough, gamers will be flocking to buy these phones, such is our instinct!

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