[Poll] Owners of regular Galaxy Note 10: How’s your experience been so far?

Based on recent leaks, it seems Samsung will not be making another ‘small’ Galaxy Note model to succeed the Galaxy Note 10 from last year. Well, the regular Galaxy Note 20 will still be smaller than the Note 20+, but if it does end up having a 6.7-inch screen like the leaks say it will, it won’t exactly be very compact. It will easily dwarf the Galaxy Note 10 at the very least, making last year’s non-Plus Note model a one-of-a-kind device.If that ends up happening, we here at SamMobile will certainly be disappointed. The Galaxy Note 10, for all its faults (like the lack of microSD expansion or the Full HD+ resolution instead of Quad HD+ like the Note 10+), is an excellent phone that’s great for those who like compact phones and want an S Pen to go along with it. And we feel many Galaxy Note 10 owners probably share our sentiment and like the phone a lot, but we also understand that not everyone may feel that way.Which brings to our latest poll: We want to know what your experience has been like using the Galaxy Note 10. Do you like the phone and have no complaints? Do you think the device is good but isn’t perfect, or did you buy it and sell it soon after because it failed to live up to all your expectations?Let us know by voting in the poll below, and also expand on your thoughts down in the comments section after you have cast your vote!How’s your experience been with the regular Galaxy Note 10 so far?

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