[Poll] At what price would the Galaxy Z Fold Lite make sense to you?

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It has been rumored quite a few times that Samsung might launch a budget variant of the Galaxy Z Fold. The term “budget” wouldn’t really be appropriate for the device, though. Even if the device doesn’t offer flagship-level specs, components like the foldable display are still expensive.

So a Galaxy Z Fold Lite could be considered “budget” relative to the $2000 Galaxy Z Fold 2, but not quite as budget as a Galaxy A42, for example. If Samsung does put out such a device, at what price would it make sense to you?

Would you consider buying the Galaxy Z Fold Lite if it cost $999? At that price, it would be accessible to the millions of customers who spend the same amount of money, often more, at a top-of-the-line Galaxy S or Galaxy Note flagship.

It wouldn’t necessarily offer the same kind of specs but a proper foldable with a 7-inch internal display would likely find a lot of takers at under a thousand dollars. Would it still be considered a good deal at $1,299, though? That’s about the same as you’d pay for a new Galaxy Z Flip. What then drives the decision for customers in that price range would largely be the form factor, not price.

Is a Galaxy Z Fold Lite be worth it at $1,499? It would still be around $500 cheaper than a full-fledged Galaxy Z Fold but in that case, the device will have to strike a balance between cost-cutting and functionality. Customers are going to have high expectations from a $1,499 device, even if it’s meant to be a “budget” variant.

What do you think about these price ranges for the Galaxy Z Fold Lite? What would be most acceptable to you? Vote below and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

At what price would the Galaxy Z Fold Lite make sense to you?

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