[Poll] Are you going to buy the Galaxy Z Flip?

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Whether you love it or hate it, the Galaxy Z Flip is difficult to ignore, so we’re making a poll for it. It’s one of the most unique smartphones on the market right now, and it’s turning heads for many reasons, such as the exquisite build or the polarizing price tag.The Galaxy Z Flip was unveiled at Unpacked along with the Galaxy S20 series, but interestingly enough, Samsung has launched its foldable device ahead of its trio of ‘candy-bar’ flagships. The Galaxy Z Flip had a fairly short pre-registration period but it is now shipping to customers in various markets, at least where it hasn’t already been sold out.This is Samsung’s second foldable device based on flexible display technology, and some of our readers who have skipped the original Galaxy Fold have been waiting for a less experimental device to drop. The Galaxy Z Flip seems to be just that, as it builds on the foundation laid down by the Fold and improves key areas including the durability of the flexible screen.We’d love to hear our readers’ opinions regarding the Galaxy Z Flip, so we’re inviting you to participate in the poll below. Are you going to buy Samsung’s new foldable? Will you skip this model as well? Are you undecided? Vote below and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.Are you buying the Galaxy Z Flip?

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