[Poll] Are you going to buy the Galaxy Fold?

Yes, it’s time for that same question again, one that we had initially asked you in April this year. The Galaxy Fold was then delayed due to some issues but it has now risen like a phoenix from the ashes.Samsung is finally making the device available for purchase. It’s out already in South Korea and will be released in countries across Europe on September 18. The Galaxy Fold will also go on sale in the United States before the end of this month.The company has made significant changes to improve the device’s durability. It is confident that they will address the issues that caused the delay. We have been impressed with what Samsung has done so far and see no reason to believe that the Fold might falter again.So the question is, are you going to buy the Galaxy Fold? Do you feel confident enough in the product or do you still have any concerns? Vote below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.Are you going to buy the Galaxy Fold?

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