Pixel Buds now brings you personalized bass, attention alerts, other new features

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If you own a pair of Google’s Pixel Buds, you might want to update your truly wireless earbuds right now. The latest update brings several new important features that will enhance the way you use, share, and even potentially lose your buds. Once you’re all set and updated, you will be able to personalize your bass settings, detect and customize when you’re sharing an earbud, transcribe a speech or talk that you’re listening to, and bring your attention to important things that may be happening around you even while you’re listening to music.

If you’re the kind of music listener that wants to have more control and customization over your audio accessories, you’ll now bet a bass boost option in your Pixel Buds. You just need to go to your earbuds’ settings and adjust the bass according to your preference. Since the Buds are easy to share with another person, you also get sharing detection. When your earbuds detect that you shared an earbud with someone, you can then swipe on your respective earbuds for volume control.

You also get a new transcribe mode so you will be able to read the translated speech that is being broadcast in your ear from someone giving a speech or talk or even reading an audiobook. Just say “Hey Google, ayúdame a entender inglés” and it will launch Translate into transcribe mode. You can hear it and also read it on your smartphone. It’s currently available for French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages to translate into English.

Attention Alerts on your Pixel Buds will automatically lower the volume temporarily of whatever you’re listening to momentarily to alert you that your baby is crying or your dog is barking or when sirens are passing by. It may not always be urgent or sometimes it may be nothing, but at least you’ll be aware of these “important” sounds around you. When it comes to lost/misplaced earbuds, you can already ring it but now, you can also find its location through the Find My Device feature. You’ll see its last known location when the pair are no longer connected to your smartphone.

You can also now ask your Google Assistant to turn your touch controls on or off so you won’t accidentally trigger them. The update with all these features has started rolling out to Pixel Buds users. They’ve also made new colors available in the U.S: Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, and Almost Black.

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