Owning a Galaxy flagship in India just got a whole lot cheaper

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Samsung India unveiled two new promotions meant to make its Android flagships significantly more accessible in the long term – Galaxy Forever and Galaxy Assured. The timing of the company’s newest announcement coincides with the emergence of a growing anti-China sentiment in the country from which Samsung was already expected to benefit. It appears the tech giant is leaving nothing to chance, however, seeing how it’s doubling down on its already aggressive sales strategy in India.Both of the newly announced promos have been announced as permanent additions to Samsung’s portfolio and clearly target users who change handsets on a frequent basis.Galaxy Forever vs. Galaxy AssuredThe main difference between Galaxy Forever and Galaxy Assured is that the former is a lease program, whereas the latter revolves around a buyback scheme. Samsung partnered with IDFC and Servify on Galaxy Forever, with the collaboration allowing consumers to get their hands on the latest Galaxy flagships by paying just 60% of their retail price. After a year, they can either return their lease or cover the difference if they intend to keep it. The program is an extension of IDFC-enabled EMI plans, with its initial version covering only the regular Galaxy S20 models.Galaxy Assured, on the other hand, is a buyback promotion allowing consumers in India to recoup as much as 70% of their new smartphone’s value; assuming they return them in the first three months. That figure drops by another 10% for every additional three months added to the return period, so e.g. you’d be eligible for a 40% buyback after 11 months. Unlike Galaxy Forever, Galaxy Assured covers every premium Galaxy smartphone available for purchase in India.

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