Own a Galaxy S23 Ultra? Be careful around fish tanks

About a year ago, Samsung launched an ad for the Galaxy S22 Ultra featuring a cute spider falling in love with the flagship phone upon mistaking its camera array with googly spider eyes. It was cute; it was successful, and Samsung is now trying to catch lightning in a bottle a second time using the new Galaxy S23 Ultra and fish love as a theme.

Can fish fall in love with the S23 Ultra? Or at all? Probably not. But Samsung’s latest Galaxy S23 Ultra ad suggests that they do, and the Cleaner Fish protagonist goes through a lot of trouble to find true love in time for Valentine’s Day.

How, though? What fish-like characteristics does the flagship phone have? It doesn’t possess gills, fins, scales, or any features aquatic creatures have. The spider from last year’s ad can be forgiven for mistaking the S22 Ultra’s cameras for spider eyes, but what about the fish?

Well, if we’re reading correctly into Samsung’s latest ad featuring a golden Cleaner Fish, the finned protagonist falls in love with the S23 Ultra’s wallpaper rather than the phone itself. Specifically, the wallpaper that shows a golden bauble, golden planetoid, or whatever spherical object may cross your mind to define Samsung’s design. As for the Cleaner Fish protagonist, it seems to believe that the golden bauble is a fish egg ready to be fertilized. Or so we think.

It’s a suggestive theory, as far as fish are concerned. But other than that, the new Galaxy S23 Ultra “animal love” ad doesn’t make a lot of sense. At least not as much as last year’s spider ad did. So, if you don’t agree with our fish egg fertilization theory, your guess as to why this Cleaner Fish falls in love with the Galaxy S23 Ultra is as good as ours. Check out the official video below.

And regardless of whether or not you own a fish tank or what you may or may not be thinking about fish falling in love, you can pre-order the Galaxy S23 Ultra online until February 17. Some markets get unique online-exclusive colors, so you may want to verify your local Samsung online store for more details.

Image of Galaxy S23 Ultra

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