OnePlus Snowbots interactive snowball battle announced

OnePlus Snowbot Battle

OnePlus really does never settle. The Chinese mobile OEM will continue to live by its principle of ‘Never Settle’ when it comes to new products, services, and technologies. Today, we’re learning about a new venture related to 5G and robotics. We know 5G will bring a number of new tech and platforms. And while the public is waiting for the ultra-fast mobile Internet connectivity to be widely available, there are companies like OnePlus working on products and services that will work best with 5G.

OnePlus Snowbots is an interactive snowball fight that will begin on March 9. OnePlus has set up an event that will have humans fighting with Snowbots. The snowball fighting robots are powered by 5G phones from OnePlus.

It can be assumed those OnePlus 5G phones are the OnePlus 7T McLaren and the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G released last year. A 2020 OnePlus 5G smartphone has yet to be revealed so those two will do.

This snowball fight won’t happen online. It’s not because of the recent health scare but the event is online for now so this means anywhere you are in Europe, you can join and play. A live snowball battle will still happen in Lapland, Finland.

OnePlus Snowbots is the company’s first robotics project. Details about the robots are scarce but we like the idea they can be controlled from a 5G phone. The first set of battles will begin on March 9, 2PM, Finnish time (12 PM GMT). The opening ceremony will have a team battling with a team controlling the Snowbots.

Snowbots can then be controlled remotely by other players. You can join but you can only be given one chance. A queue system will be followed so make sure you are ready to play and control the Snowbots. Feel free to record your gameplay and share it with others HERE.

OnePlus will bring 18 lucky people with them to Lapland–where the Snowbots are. All you need to do to join is comment on why you and a friend what to fight the Snowbots in person. Comments as entries must be in by 11AM (GMT) on March 4. Make sure you live or are in Europe from March 8 to 10 to join.

Follow the template below for your comments:

Why I want to experience Snowbots in Lapland:
Who my friend is:
Which European country we’re from:

Complete details are available on

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